What you see when you fly over Dmitrov

Dmitrov is a very beautiful city. You may see beauty of golden-domed cathedrals and brilliantly white walls of monasteries, bright roofs of houses, a barely discernible thread of the river Yakhroma and endless greenery of fields. If the weather is good you’ll see a score of colourfull Hot air balloons. It brings the feeling that you are on some other planet. 

If you want to see the Moscow region from a new perspective, please book a Hot air balloon ride. We can offer 8 flight programmes: air excursions for one person or for companies. And so that your emotions remain in photos or videos you can invite our photographer or order a video shooting with the GO PRO camera.

First we meet at our location: 1B  Pravonaberezhnaya str., Dmitrov. You may use navigator positioning data for your convenience : 56.355163, 37.506008. You may leave your car (we have parking place), drink a tea or coffee, meet with pilots and crews.

The route of our travel depends on the direction of the wind. You can see amazing breathtaking landscapes out of the balloon basket: emerald green of meadows and golden wheat fields, mirrorlike surface of Moscow Canal, the Yakhroma River, the white walls of the Borisoglebsk Monastery, earthwork and sparkling spiers of Uspensky Monastery.

Standard flight program in Dmitrov

  • we meet at the meeting time at our location: 1B  Pravonaberezhnaya str., Dmitrov
  • registration for flight with our representative
  • free tea or coffee 
  • we have parking area, you may live your car at our location
  • transfer to the launch place with our crew 
  • safety instructions befor flight 
  • balloon preparation for a flight
  • flight duration  50-75 minutes
  • landing and traditional first flight ceremony
  • champagne and sweets 
  • memorable Diplomas of a first balloon flight 
  • you may buy some balloon souvenirs

We have our balloon rides all over the year. We have our balloon flights twice a day from March till November: first flight is within first hours after Sunrise, second flight — 2-3 hours before Sunset. from December ill February — within daylight hours. The most important thing for us is safety. To organize safe flight we shall do it in simple weather conditions . Therefore, in case of bad weather conditions (such as — strong wind, dense fog, rain or snow) we will discuss cancellation or transfer of the flight for some date or other.

Have fun with your friends: you Will have something to discuss and to share emotions and photos.
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Marriage proposal
Make proposal on a heart-shaped air balloon. She will certainly accept your proposal!
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Heart-shapped balloon flight
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VIP-flight: everything needed already included
Spend your time with comfort having everything included.
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Let's know the most interesting things about hot air balloon fligh, tabout controlling of a balloon and try yourself as an aircraft pilot!
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