High quality support during order and manufacure of your hot air balloon   

Our experts will help you to order Hot air balloon, they will  assist you during the whole process from order up to manufacture, including design of the balloon, contract making and correction, cooperation with the manufacturer. We will help to control each small detail during manufacture, acceptance, registration,Certification of Airworthiness obtaining.
We are an official partner of Rusbal — the one and only licenced manufacturer of Hot air balloons in Russia.

To order a hot air balloon, please, call us tel. +7 (926) 561 26 79 or send us e-mail: info@aerowaltz.ru 

Our balloons:

1Full set of documents: all certificates and license needed
2strict incoming and outgoing material control 
3  warranty time- 400 hours, практический — 800 hours
4personal approach — tight deadlines, additional options 


  • ‘Classic’. Classic form, 24 panels, from 1550 up to 10 000 cu.m.
  • ‘Vintazh’. Lighter cutting, 12 panels, 1550, 2150 or 2550 cu.m.
  • ‘Sport’. Extend sport cutting, 24 panels. 1850 or 2150 cu.m.,
  • ‘Heart’. Special shape balloon, 2550 cu.m.

Additional options:

  • поворотный клапан
  • клапан быстрого выпуска воздуха «Смарт Вент»
  • Прозрачные вставки into deflation парашютный клапан
  • White or black load tapes


Double, triple, quadruple burners ‘Fenix’ with frames for different types of baskets.

  • Qualitative operation at a pressure of 3 atm
  • High capacity;
  • Fail safe performance;
  • Reliable standby burner; 
  • High adjustment in Standard package;
  • Bag for burners;


  • Hard bottom of 15 mm bakelite plywood;
  • Fully woven from rattan;
  • Fiberglass vertical rods for stiffening;
  • Light weight;
  • Vinyl cover in a basic package;

Baskets one-section

  • ‘Duet 1.2 х 1.1 m
  • ‘Quartette’ 1.55 Х 1.2 m
  • ‘Quintet’ 1.75 х 1.2 m

Multi-sectional baskets

  • Т8 for the pilot + 8 person, sizes 2.6 m Х 1.4 m
  • Т10 for the pilot + 10 persons, sizes 2.8 m х 1.6 m
  • Т12 for the pilot + 12 person, sizes 3.0 m х 1.6 m
  • ТТ12 for the pilot + 12 person, sizes 3.0 m х 1.6 m
  • ТТ16 for the pilot + 16 person, sizes3.8 m Х 1.6 m


Additional options:

  • choice of обивки color: black, blue, red, green. Other colors — on special order;
  • choice of обивки material: suedу or leather;
  • обивка of combined colors;
  • putting text on чехлы для стоек;
  • choice of handles color: black, blue, red, green;
  • inserting of rattan of a different color into the weave;
  • the opening door for easy landing and/or dropping of parachutists;
  • possible increasing of the high of boards;
  • soft floor in the basket;
  • soft wall in the baskets;
  • bags for documents, supplies, fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, гайдропа;

Fuel Cylinders:

  • срок освидетельствования — onece in 10 years!
  • легкие, баллон без чехла — 12 кг
  • 50 л полный объем, 42 л полезный;
  • variation of colours for чехлов на баллоны: black, blue, red, green. Other colour- по спец заказу.


  • вентилятор 5.5 л.с. or 8 л.с.
  • отцепные устройства двух типов
  • фалы стартовые и привязные
  • шланг заправочный
  • расстилочное полотно
  • коллектор

To order hot air balloon please call us tel. +7 (926) 561 26 79 or end us e-mail: info@aerowaltz.ru 

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