Stationary exposure

The ballon is filled during the work, it works without lift the basket from the ground. This is a traditional advertising event wich is held (as a rule) in such places where there is  no possibility to fly the balloon, or lift the balloon. The balloon performs the function of original advertising medium. 

First hour  20 000 Rur.

Every hour thereafter 15 000 Rur.

Tethered flights

The balloon is insured with at least three tether ropes, having sufficient strength and length. These tether ropes allow to lift to a high of 50m. One balloon can lift 20-30 people for an hour. To implement such lifts, a free area of 50×50 m size is required. One balloon can lift 20-30 people for an hour. 

First two hours  20 000 Rur. each hour

Each our thereafter 15 000 Rur. 

The minimum operating time for a tethered flight can not be less than two hours. Please add the cost of transportation of equipment (at a rate of 25 rubles / km.) to the price of our services. If the event takes more than one day, it is necessary to take into account the cost of a crew of 4 people.

The time when the balloon begins to work in the exposition or in tethered flight  is calculated from the moment the balloon is ready for operation.

Advertising free flight

The balloon takes off from the place previously agreed or will fly over the confirmed area. Depending on the weather conditions, sometimes it is possible to plan a ‘fly — in’ with an accuracy of several meters.

Prices for the flight start from  30 000 Rur.

Organizational support for the flight  — cost is negotiable.
 The time of work is calculated from the moment the basket is lift from the ground.

When performing an advertising flight, the customer is entitled to a free flight of a passenger — with mandatory approval of the pilot.

*The final decision on performance of  stationary exposure or tethered flights is always taken by the pilot upon arrival to the place of work and evaluation of the actual conditions for the work.

*In case the weather conditions getting worse at the moment of flight, exposure or tethered flight the duration of flight (work) may differ from the declared time at the time of work execution. In case of impossibility to perform the service for reasons beyond the control of the Club’s executor, the Customer shall reimburse the preliminary expenses for accommodation, meals, as well as transportation expenses of the crew.

Banner advertising

The production of banners must be carried out by our specialists in connection with the consideration of the structural and operational features of the envelope and basket of the balloon.

· For the envelope of balloon from 1 500 Rur./square metre.

· For the balloon basket 1 000 Rur./square metre.

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