Aerowaltz offers you to get gift certificate. Flight certificate gives the right for hot air balloon ride.


Where to buy

  • you can buy on-line certifcate via our web-site  (put ‘v’ infront of ‘payment on-line’)  or  order physical certificate delivery (put ‘v’ infront of ‘delivery  of physical certificate’, payment by cash or buy card to courier);
  • physical certificate (cash payment only) in Moscow office: Volokolamskoe shosse, 88 block.8, office 225 (how to reach us);
  • physical certificate (cash payment only) a  our Dmitrov location: 1  B, Pravonaberezhnaya str., Dmitrov (how to reach us);
  • Courier delivery  — cash payment or payment by card to our courier  (delivery within Moscow Automobile Ring Road is already included in price of certificate — order of  10 000 Rur.)

To activate your flight certificate 

How to order flight and certificate

  • Please examine our flight programmes, choose the program you prefer;
  • If you want to buy a flight for yourself — choose electronic certificate with online payment option. This cerftificate will be equal to a ticket foк flight; if you want to present flight certificate for your relatives or friends, please choose delivery of physical certificate and payment to our courier by cash or card;
  • You can find detailed information as of the flight organization, rules of behavior, terms and conditions of the flight in your certificate. Please examine this information attentively before the flight;
  • After purchase   of the certificate, please do not forget to register for flight via our web-site on preferable date and time.

Delivery package

  • terms and conditions;
  • certificate;
  • activation instruction;
  • our visit card;
  • loyalty card (order not less than 40 000 Rur.)

Print design variation 

  • electronic certificate (Will be sent to your e-mail after payment);
  • our beautiful certificate! (is already included);
  • gift tube with a map of flight region (+ 1500 Rur.).
Our programmes Price in Rubles.
1 per.2 per.3 per.4 per.
Group flight (some other people are in the basket)

10 990

19 990

Individual flight (just you and pilot) 

33 990

37 990

41 990

Heart-shaped ballon flight

36 990

‘Become a pilot’ flight (workshop) 37 990
VIP balloon flight80 00085 00090 000
‘Proposal’ flight49 990

Additional services:

Gift tube2 000 Rur.
Champagne 3 000 Rur.
Basket with the fruits,sweets or sandwiches 8 990 Rur.
Bunch of flowers after flight from 4 990 Rur.
Photo, usb-flash with the photos after flight 9 990 Rur.
Video of the flight 3 000 Rur.

Flight certificate has its validity period of 6 months from the moment of payment. Full prepayment is required.

Ready to have a hot air balloon ride?
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