Professional advertisement on hot air balloons.

More than 200 years have passed since the invention of hot air balloons, but only the last 30-40 years they have been successfully used throughout the world as a bright advertising medium. Since the early 90’s, this fashion tendency has reached us. And over these years we have a fairly rich experience of advertising teetered and free flights.

Branded hot air balloon operation. Examples:

Stationary exposure

If the weather conditions are good аэростат the balloon can be exhibited (without detachment from the ground) almost at any time during the whole daylight hours on the sites convenient for you: the city park or park, the area in front of a sports or shopping complex, other open areas — these are all places, where the balloon attracts the attention of hundreds and thousands of spectators.
Trade and other events, festivals, city and corporate events are great opportunities for using a balloon. The balloon will help to pay attention to the stability and fundamental strength of your company. The participants of the holiday will remember your balloon, make photos with it and share them in social media.

*Today stationary exposure is possible to be performed on the territory of Moscow.

Tethered flight

A tethered flight is such a type of work of a hot air balloon at which it is possible to lift all everyone one who wishes on height from 10 to 50 meters. In these conditions, a hot air balloon can lift  more than 100 people within a few hours (20-30 people per 1 hour of work).

Free flights

Flight of your corporate balloon over the areasof the city previously agreed.  After approval by the authorized authorities and the city administration, the balloon will fly at low altitude, for example, over the central part of the city or other scenic places. .Your advertisement on the balloon will be guaranteed to be inspected — it is provided by a slow movement in the air during the flight . Thousands of eyes will follow the flight, and photos will scatter on social networks.

8 reasons to use your brand hot air balloon

  • participation of your brand balloon in company’s activities (for example test drives, opening of salons, offices and branches, corporate events). Hot air balloon ride is an excellent prize for the winner of any competititons.
  • participation of your brand balloon in mass events of the city, regional or Federal events, in International competitions and festivals. 
  • the evening glow can become a colorful show. It looks wonderfull in the evening time. Reflection in the mirror of the water surface and streams of fountains will add charm from the sight of bright balloons and remains on the photographs of many persons.
  • special exclusive project — Records, flight over the seas and oceans, flights in special places such as — the North Pole, Elbrus, Everest.
  • exclusive service — flights for VIP persons
  • flight for employees, clients, partners
  • special, charitable actions 
  • participation of your brand balloon in sports competitions (including sponsorsip in a Sport event or the Status of ‘Partner’)

Our aim is to have long-term and fruitful partnership in the interests of both sides.

For companies wishing to produce a corporate balloon and use our services, the Club is ready to hold consultations, assist in ordering an aerostat on the territory of the Russian Federation, delivering a balloon from abroad. We will help you to issue a certificate of airworthiness, a certificate of state registration and we will take upon ourselves the decision of other  issues related to the registration of a balloon.

Under Air Code of the Russian Federation a Hot air balloon is an Aircraft like plane or hlicopter.  Its operation is carried out by profeccional specialists in accordance with the guidance on flight and technical operation.
 To fulfill the requirements of the Air Code,a legal entity or individual  can go through all the procedures and obtain the necessary documents themselves, or sign a contract with us. Signing a contract with a competent firm is the best solution to the issue of operating a balloon, maintaining its airworthiness and maintenance.
Typical duties of the Operator include the following: 

  • assistance in selection and preparation of events plan, budget planning, strategy development for effective use of a hot air balloon;
  • state registration of a hot air balloon, insurance contract for CASCO;
  • ensuring the passage of applications for the use of airspace;
  • selection of a pilot and the crew, balloon service and maintenance;
  • Fueling for flights;
  • Transportation of a balloon to the launch place;
  • Storage,maintenance and advertising works.

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