We offer the following list of services for balloons owners/pilots:

Document preparation:

1. State registration of a hot air balloon as well as  state registration of hot air balloon  ownership, alteration of state registration certificate or alteration of state registration of hot air balloon ownership certificate.
2. Hot air balloon (obtain of aircraft CoA) certification, having type certificate in Russia: Rusbal (Russia), Cameron Balloons, Balony Kubicek.
3. Consultation on certification as of Hot air balloon (obtain of aircraft CoA) certification which doesn’t have type certificate in Russia, that is flying vehicle single prototype.
4. Сonsultations/workshops as of arrangements for the use of air space, and generally current legislation of the Russian aviation with regard to general aviation, as applicable to Hot air balloons.

Technical maintenance of balloons and equipment:

1. Regulatory technical maintenance of Bonanno, Stratus, Shadow, Stealth burners.
2. Spare parts for Cameron Balloons  delivery.

Second-hand balloons from Russia and Europe:

We can help to choose, deliver and get alll the nesessary documentation second-hand balloons for Russia and Europe.

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