Individual flights
Group flights
Corporate programmes

 You may choose any flight program. You may find all obligations of our club in flight terms and conditions. Please refer to our prices:

Our programmes Price in Rubles.
1 per.2 per.3 per.4 per.
Group flight (some other people are in the basket)

10 980

15 990

23 980

33 970

Individual flight (just you and pilot) 

29 990

34 990

39 990

Heart-shaped ballon flight

31 990

‘Become a pilot’ flight (workshop) 31 990
VIP balloon flight69 99074 99079 990
‘Proposal’ flight33 990
‘High up to 1500 m’ flight.32 99037 990


Additional services:

Gift tube1 990 Rur.
Champagne 1 990 Rur.
Basket with the fruits, sweets or sandwiches7 000 Rur.
Bunch of flowers after the flight4 000 Rur.
Photo, usb-flash with photos after the flight 7 000 Rur.
Video of the flight3 000 Rur.

Flight certificate has its validity period of 6 months from the moment of payment. Full prepayment is required.

The owner of the flight certificate shall inform us about the date of flight chosen  ( 7-10 days before the date of flight). The flight will be organized if the weather conditions are good. The whole program shall last for 4-6 hours. Balloon flight can be organized within the whole year.

Each Aerowaltz’ flight includes:

  • Free delivery of a flight certificate within the boundaries of Moscow Automobile Ring Road or Dmitrov region (when the order is not less than 10 000 Rur.)
  • Highly profecionall pilots 
  • Certified equipment
  • Aerowaltz flights are insured (each passenger insured during our flights)
  • Transfer to the place of flight from meeting place and back 
  • Preparation and preflight safety instructions
  • Average duration of a flight 50-75 minutes
  • First flight ceremony
  • Champagne and sweets after flight
  • First flight certificate

How to pay for flight, how to order and buy flight certificate

  • Examine our flight programs, choose preferable one;
  • If you want to Buy a flight certificate for yourself, please feel free to choose an electronic certificate wich is very convinient to buy on-line. This electronic certificate  will be your ticket for the flight; if you want to present the flight, please choose an option of certificate delivery. In this case payment can be effected to courier;
  • In case of on-line payment you will get your electronic certificate on your e-mail. Each electronic certificate contains its unique number declare name of the flight program, number of persons, duration period; we put same information into physical certificate;
  • You will find full detailed information about the flight organization, the rules of conduct, terms and conditions of the flight. Please, examine this information before flight;
  • Please do not forget to registrate your flight through our web-site on appropriate date and time;
  • If the registration is correct you Will get information on your e-mail;
  • We Will call you the day before flight within the following time period -14.00-17.00. Our representative will conferm or cancel the flight in connection with weather forecast. Should the weather conditions are not suitable for the flight we will offer you some other date;
  • Time stipulated for the flight on our web-site is a meeting time or time when we meet you for registration for the flight at the place of meeting agreed. You should come at the time stipulated, registration for the flight lasts about 30 minutes.
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