Hot air balloon flight workshop 

Feel yourself as a pilot of hot air balloon!

We offer you an interesting and exciting programme: hot air balloon flight in  where you can try yourself as a pilot. Your dream to soar above the ground on a balloon may become a reality!
Under the strict guidance of the pilot-instructor with experience of not less than 5 years.
Looking for an unusual gift to a friend, colleague or the best half? Give a hot air balloon flight! Free delivery of gift certificate and contract within the MKAD or Dmitrovsky district.

We offer to take part in the following steps:

  • Take off 
  • Take a high 
  • Horizontal flight 
  • Air navigation and radio communication
  • Landing

Try to become a pilot, it is rather easy with us

  • We will meet you at the place of meeting if so needed we may organaze personal transfer for additional fee.
  • We will get you to the launch area.
  • We will make balloon ready for flight, pilot will instruct you before flight.
  • We will have 1 hour flight.
  • You Will be able to try some actions as a Hot air balloon pilot, theoretical course of balloon flight + some practice.
  • First flight Ceremony, Champagne and chocolate, first flight certificate.

Flight duration – 1 hour. Duration of the whole programme 4-5 hours.
Hot air balloon flights are held all year round, including winter.The main tasks for us are to ensure the safity of flights and to provide maximum satisfaction of our guests’ needs. You can be sure that your balloon flight Will be professionally and safely organized and performed. Such a flight will remain in memory for the whole life. To learn more about hot air balloon flights, please follow the link FAQ.


Programme conditions

We can effect flight all year round 7 days a week, the main important condition for us is suitable weather: the wind no more than 5 m / s, no precipitation, low clouds and thunderstorm foci.

Free delivery of flight certificate.

For two
32 990₽
For three
36 990₽
For four
42 990₽