Heart-shapped balloon flight

You have already been in cinima and caff. May be you have already married. It does not matter if you know each other just a few days or for a long time  – present your beloved a flight for both of you and be ready to get acknowledgement and unforgetable moments.

5 reasons to make your best half happy:


No matter if it is your first or not first rendezvous, but anyway the best one. 

Any special date

Share the sky between two of you at any date that is important for you. 

St. Valentine’s Day

The big red balloon is better than any valentines card will express your feelings. Let your best half know about your feelings.

Wedding anniversary

 Start your family album with photos of your Hot air balloon trip.

Birthday party

Present your best half emotions of romantic hot air balloon flight.


Price: for two persons  – 34 990 руб., for 3 persons – 38,990, insurance included.
Flight duration – (approximately) 1 hour, time duration of the whole program – 4–5 hours.

How it will be?

1. We will meet you at the region of flight, if nesessary we may organize  transfer from Altufievo metro station.
2. We will prepare balloon for the flight at the same time you can make photos or help our team with balloon preparation.
3. The pilot will give you safety instructions before flight.
4. Will go to a Hot air balloon ride on a heart-shaped balloon for about one hour trip. 
5. After flight you will follow first flight ceremony, will have shampagne and chocolate and will get your first flight certificate. 
6. Finally, your journey performed. It is time to go home.

Make wishes come true – present a romantic flight on heart-shaped balloon.
Book your flight by phone. +7 (495) 505-12-61

For two
34 990₽
For three
38 990₽