We are ready to organise balloon flight in some place of Moscow region which you Will ask. Практически в любой точке нашей страны. We kindly ask to check conditions, possible programmers and prices with our managers by phone +7 495 505 12 61. 

For example, you may see possible locations for flight in Moscow region:

  • Volokolamsk region;
  • Ruza region;
  • Mozhaysk region;
  • Taldom region;
  • Sergiev Posad region;
  • Serpukhov region;
  • etc.

Certainly, conditions and prices will differ from standard  ones, but nevertheless such flights are also possible.

We can organise flights in other regions:

  • Yaroslavl Region — Pereslavl-Zalssky, Rostov, Yaroslavl;
  • Tver region — Kalyazin, Konakovo;
  • Kaluga region;
  • Tula region;
  • Ryazan region;
  • Vladimir region;
  • we can comу to a much longer distance or we can organise flights with help of our friends and colleagues situated there.
Have fun with your friends: you Will have something to discuss and to share emotions and photos.
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