High flight: 1500 meters above the Earth

1500 meters above the Earth flight — it is real!

Do you love Hot air ballooning?

If yes you should like this programme. Just imagine  – quiet air and amazing landscapes of the Central Russian strip float under the basket of the balloon.

We are sure that such a High balloon flight will bring you lots of happiness.

Flight duration – 1 hour. The whole program duration 4-5 hours.
Flights on Hot air balloons are held  all year round including winter season. The main goals for us are to insure the safety of flights and maximum satisfaction of our guests’ needs, so you can be sure that your Hot air balloon ride Will be profecionally and safely organized and performed.  Such a flight will remain in your memory for the whole life.To lean more about hot air balloon flights, please see the section FAQ.

Programme conditions

Flights are possible at any time of the year (see the section «photos of winter flights») and any days of the week, the main condition is suitable weather: the wind is no more than 5 m / s, no precipitation, low clouds and thunderstorm foci.

High hot air balloon flight: how it will be

  • We Will prepare a balloon, at this time you will have the opportunity to take pictures.
  • We will conduct for you a mandatory preflight briefing (safety instructions).
  • Let’s go on a balloon flight for one hour.
  • First flight ceremony, Champagne, chocolate, first flight certificates.
  • Only your Company in the basket of the balloon (up to  4 persons) and the pilot.

Free delivery of certificate within Moscow and Dmitrov.

For two
32 990₽
For three
37 990₽